1. Cut as long a piece of thread as you can conveniently work with and thread your needle. Work with your thread double throughout the ornament for added strength. Now refer to FIGURE 2, and thread 10 - 6MM faceted beads, tie your knot as tightly as possible.

  2. Refer to FIGURE 3, and with a contrasting color, add 3-6MM faceted beads 1-4MM plated bead as shown, then back through the third bead, add 2-6MM Faceted and through the second bead of your original ring. Continue working around the ring until your 5 pointed star is complete as shown In FIGURE 4. You may wish to leave your thread dangling for later work.

  3. Make a second 5 pointed star repeating Step 1 and Step 2.

  4. Now make a star using the 8MM Faceted as you did the 6MM ones. This will be the center of your 3D STAR.

  5. Now refer to FIGURE 1 and offset the points of your 8MM STAR and 1 of the 6MM STARS, and begin to lace them together FIGURE 5, uslng the 3 x 6MM Beads as spacers.

  6. When you have finished lacing these two STARS together, pick up your third STAR and with the 8MM Star In the center, repeat Step 5. Knot securely, place a drop of clear drying white glue on each knot. Allow to dry overnight . Cut threads as closely as possible. Your ornament 18 now complete.

Project Courtesy of DODO Sales Inc.

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