Fresh Wedding Bouquet
Floral Tope
Floral Wire
Activo's Flower Art Silica Gel
Activa's Dried Flower Saver
Containers with Light fitting lids
Soft bristled brush


1. Remove fresh flowers from bridal bouquet as soon after wedding as possible. Place flowers in Flower Art Silica Gel for drying. (See General Instructions below.)

2. Take a picture of the bouquet before taking it apart. This will help to reconstruct the dried bouquet.

3. When flowers are dry (Allow the bouquet holder to dry completely before continuing.) odd florist wire to stems ond Lope with florist tape. Insert flowers inlo bouquel holder in original position. Extend long slems of flowers by toping sections together after drying using matching florist tape. Individuol flowers may be dried and wired to a stem or long piece of wire to achieve a cascade effect.

4. Add filler moaterial where necessory to fill out bouqueLosollflowersshrinkwhendriedonc-J Lhe bouquet moy noL be os full os Lhe fresh bouquet.

5. Spray bouquet with Activa's Dried Flower Saver to help preserve flowers from moisture.


HELPFUL HINTS: If necessary a bouquet may be placed in a plastic bag and put in the refrigeratar for one night. Do not try to dry flowers that have willed or are crushed. It may be necessary to purchase more flowers to fill out the bouquet. Ask the florist to reserve ony left over flowers from the wedding for use in the bouquet.

GENERAL DRYING INSTRUCRIONS: Toke flowers from bouquet as soon as possible. Cut stems to 2". Select flat containers wilh Light fitting lids. Cover bottom of container with about 1 1/2" of Flower Art Silico Gel. Place flowers face up on Flower Art SiIicon Gel, spaced so they ore not touching. Slowly sprinkle Flower Art SiIicon Gel over flowers until completely covered. Tightly close the container ond put in a dry place where contents will not be disturbed for the drying period.

DRYING PERIOD: Time required for drying flowers varies with the size, texture and moisture content of the flowers. However, ony flower will dry within 3-7 days. Allow 7 days for large flowers wilh many petals like marigolds, dahlias, large rose buds; 3 days for smoll flowers like pansies, forget-me-nots ond field daisies. When drying, pack together those flowers requiring less time to dry in one container and those requiring more time to dry in another container.

REMOVING FLOWERS: Pour off the Flower Art Silico Gel until flowers ore uncovered. Remove gently and blow awoy residue of Flower Art Silico Gel that might have adhered. For complete removal of any dust, use a small, soft brush.

ARRANGING DRIED FLOWERS: Since humidity can be a problem after drying certain flowers, it is best that the dried floral is displayed in a clear plastic or gloss container. Coating the flowers with Activa's Dried Flower Saver will also help to seol the flowers agoinst humidity.

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