1 - Head Pin, No. 1135
1 -1" Pin Back, No. 1143-01
1 - Spacer Ring, No. 1453
Bead Cap, No. 3116
1 - Fluted Bead, No. 3612
Assorted Suede Remnants (2-1/2" sq. in.), No. 5023


Oval Drive Punch No. 1779
Side Cutter Pliers
1 - Glue Gun
1 - Glue Stick
Ball Point Pen

STEP 1. Carefully cut out the pattern using a sharp pair of shears. Don't forget to cut out the neck hole.

STEP 2. Lay the pattern on the back side of the suede and trace around it with a ball-point pen. Cut the shape out. Be sure to cut the slit under left winc. Punch the neck hole nut with an oval drive punch and cut between the tops of the wings.

STEP 2A. You should do any painting or embellishments at this time.

STEP 3. Fold the suede in half and align the wings, with the back of the suede to the inside. Hold at the base of the wings so that the skirt folds over and overlaps in the back, with the left side folding under the right side. Put a row of cement under the edge of the right side and adhere the skirt together forming a cone.

STEP 4. Take the head pin and put on the bead cap, then the spacer ring and last the fluted bead. Optional: To keep Metallic Beads from tarnishing, spray lightly with clear lacquer or acrylic.

STEP 5. Hold the suede at the neck and slide the head pin down through the neck. Be sure that the fluted bead is pushed down firmly onto the neck. Put a small dab of glue in the neck, between the wings and press the wings together.

STEP 6. Fold wings to the front and align the tips. Put a line of glue down the center of the back where the wings fold. Press a pinback into the glue. Be sure there is enough glue to come up through the holes in the Dinback.

STEP 7. With side cutter pliers, trim off the end of the head pin, up under the skirt.

Project Courtesy of

Tandy Leather Co.

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