Do you need a creative way to name your students for groups or visitors? Do you want to hang a unique tail on those Spring kites? You know how you sometimes search for those extra special ideas? Try these.



The students will be able to create kite or balloon dangles, name tags, etc. by using a variety of shapes and craft products. Use pre-shaped pieces, available in craft stores, or make your own, using construction paper and cookie cutters.



Pre-shaped pieces or construction paper and cookie cutters
Purchased or handmade jumbo confetti
Curling ribbon
Hole punch
Hand made kites
Permanent pen
Sticky glue pen
Embossing powder


  1. Using a hole punch make hole towards the top of each shape. Pull curling ribbon through the hole leaving a 3" space between shapes and tie onto balloons or kites.
  2. Attach Jumbo Confetti to paper shape with tape and write name on front. Punch hole toward the top of the shape, string ribbon through and tie onto box.
  3. Write name on shape with Sticky Glue Pen and sprinkle with glitter or embossing powder (shake off excess).

Project Courtesy of

Z-Barten Productions

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