This craft idea can be a fantastic project for your class, and it's not difficult to complete. All you need are scraps of wood, wood glue, paints and stencils. Now your students can watch the birds feed in their own birdhouses right outside your classroom window. Who knows which species may pop into the Starry Night Inn!


Given scraps of wood, paints and a stencil kit, the students will be able to build and decorate their own birdhouse.


  1. Have students glue together pieces of plywood to make unique birdhouses (help may be required to cut a door or window).
  2. Basecoat birdhouse in blue acrylic, base in green acrylic and roof in brown acrylic.
  3. Using stencil adhesive, position tree stencil on side of birdhouse. Stencil tall tree with green stencil paint, dabbing brush into paint and using a small circular motion. Stencil small tree using deep re. Shade both with black. Stencil tree trunk with yellow and shade with brown. Stencil stars with yellow. Repeat for other side.
  4. Stencil moon and stars on front of birdhouse with yellow.
  5. Apply a light mist of sealant.
  6. Paint sign cut out with red acrylic and primitive stars with yellow. Use a fine point marker to write "Starry Inn" on sign. Glue in place.
  7. Use tacky glue to attach cinnamon sticks around edges of roof and at base log bundle.
  8. Embellish with decorative snow, raffia ribbon, etc.

Project Courtesy of

Delta Technological Coatings, Inc.

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