Can't find those pencils? Is milk money disappearing from sight? All those treasured stickers finding a home on the floor? Then have your students have fun and create a treasure box of their own. Use this as a math lesson for the older students or as a color lesson for the younger ones. You could also give your students a special trinket for every book they read!



Given a box of any shape or size, the students will be able to make their own treasure box by using buttonscreatively.


    Assortment of buttons
    One box of any shape or size
    Fabric to cover box
    Acrylic paints
    Ribbon and other decorations


  • Paint the box any desired color or cover the box in fabric.

  • Using a glue gun or tacky glue, place buttons in any desired design.

  • Add bows, trinkets or items to personalize the treasure box.

  • By all means, have fun!

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