Carol Duvall, America's best known crafter,
will serve as spokesperson for:
HIA (Hobby Industry Association) and for National Craft Month '98.

- Let's Meet the "first lady" of crafts -

Most of you know Carol from her many, many television appearances. You can see her regularly on Lifetime's Our Home or the Home & Garden Channel's Carol Duvall Show. Carol was also a regular on ABC-TV's Home Show during its seven year run.

But more important than seeing Carol is seeing what she creates.

I'M BACK! And I'm once again honored to serve as HIA's spokesperson for National Craft Month 1998. Even though, while National Craft Month is celebrated in March, you really don't have to wait until March to begin crafting or learn new crafting techniques. In fact, why not do and do, celebrate crafting all year long!!! Crafting is as simple or as complex as you like. You don't have to be an artist or a sewer. You don't even have to be particularly patient. You just have to develop those little hidden talents. Just express your creativity and you'll gain a tremendous sense of self-satisfaction.

What about the things you can make out of nothing today! Need an antique box? Start with one made of cardboard and brush on instant verdigris finish. Designer towels? Buy some plain towels at your local department store and add the decorator trim yourself! Spectacular table settings? Use rubber stamps and fabric dye to coordinate placemats and napkins.

And how about those memory books that are sweeping the nation! You can really have some fun keeping old photos in unique albums.

Those are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning. The rest is up to you. So go ahead, make something. You owe it to yourself. Take some time to relax and create something wonderful!

And, don't forget to visit your local craft store for hundreds of ideas for ways to get started, or go back to the Home Page, click on Projects Projects Projects and check out one of the project sheets contributed by leading craft manufacturers. Or, try your "hand" at one of my own favorite projects below.

Sample One of Carol's Favorite Projects

Go on, have fun, craft!
This March, This Year, Always