"Time To Sow" Garden Tips Binder

Transfer designed by Karen Wood - Project designed by Donna K. Parrish
Now you can keep all of your gardening information together in this fast and easy 3-ring binder project.
  • Time to Sow #4167 Ragamuffins Iron-On Transfer by Darrow Production Go.
  • One 3-ring binder (your choice of size)
  • 2 pieces of cardboard that measure the same size as the front and back of binder
  • 1/2 yard fabric for the outside of binder
  • 1/2 yard fabric for the inside of binder
  • 1 yard of low loft batting
  • Black fine-point Permanent Pen
  • Stencil brushes (3/8" or 1/2", one for each stencil color)
  • Assortment of stencils with gardening words and vegetables
  • Stencil Paints: Red, Green, Orange and Blue
  • Craft glue


Place the binder in an open position and measure the outside area of the binder. Add 2" to this outside measurement. The batting is the outside measurement minus 1/4". Gut the fabric and batting. Position transfer on the front cover of the binder fabric, iron on transfer following the manufacturer's instructions. Glue the batting on the outside of the binder using a thin line of glue around the edges, being careful NOT to stretch the batting past the edge of the binder. Let dry completely. Place the outside fabric, wrong side up, flat and place the binder in the center. Turn up the extra 1 " of fabric up around the binder and glue in place. Set aside to dry Measure the inside front cover and back cover from the edge to where the binder folds and the height. Gut two pieces of cardboard 1/4" smaller than this measurement. Gut the fabric for the inside front the same measurement plus 2" to turn under and an additional 1 2 " in height. (This is for the pocket on the inside cover.) With right side of fabric towards you, fold the longest side of the material up 1 1 " and iron. Fold back down 5-1/2 " (wrong sides fold together) and iron to complete the pocket. Turn the material wrong side up and place the cardboard on top with 1 " of fabric showing, turn around I " and glue. Glue the I" up on the cardboard and let dry. The back inside cover is done the same except for the pocket. Gut 2 fabric strips the height of the binder by 1- 1 /2 " wide for the area on either side of the metal rings. Glue each strip next to and under the rings. You may have to use a small piece of cardboard to help push the material under the ring area. After the covered cardboard is dry, turn over and glue to the inside front and back cover of the binder. You may want to either use rubber bands or something heavy placed on each side to help secure the cardboard while glue is drying. After the glue is dry, use the stencils and stencil paint to decorate with vegetables and words. When you are satisfied with the decorating, use the permanent pen to outline the stenciling.

Enjoy your book when it's time to plant your next harvest!!!!

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