Garden Watering Can

Basic Material Needed
Arrange-It Multi-Project Kit
Plastic Sheet
Spray bottle with water
Paper Towels

Decorative Items
Metal Watering Can
4 Yards cotton ribbon
4 Strands raffia (optional)
3 Flower heads
8 Leaves (leftover)
6" Floral wire

1. Make a 6 loop bow. Secure with floral wire.
2. Lay watering can on it's side. Squirt a line of Arrange-It on side of can. Place flower heads into wet Arrange-It. Arrange leaves around flowers, reserving a few for the handle.
3. Add a small spot of Arrange-It to lower part of handle. Place bow into wet Arrange-It. Add remaining leaves around bow edges.
4. Add a small spot of Arrange-It on center of bow. Place flower into wet Arrange-It. Let watering can dry on it's side for 30 minutes.

1. Cover work surface with plastic.
2. Use at room temperature.
3. Wear gloves, apron, or old work clothes.

Clean Up
1. Remove Arrange-It immediately form skin when wet with Clean-It.
2. To reuse valve and craft tip: Clean frequently with Clean-It. Remove craft tip and squirt Clean-It through it. Squirt Clean-It into valve and tip, and empty residue.

Arrange-it is a weather-proof, permanent adhesive and floral foam combined. Weatherproof florals, Latex fruit and vegetables, raffia or ribbon may be used.


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