Beeswax candles are beautiful, fragrant and very easy to make. They do not drip or smoke and burn longer, with a warmer glow, than paraffin candles. With a little help from an adult, even very young children get great results, making this a perfect activity for the entire family.

In addition to beeswax sheets, you will also need the following items:

  • a ruler or yardstick
  • a pizza cutter or small paring knife
  • scissors
  • wick

Beeswax has a naturally tacky surface, so you can decorate candles with beads, sequins, shells or other shapes cut out of colored wax, simply by pressing the decorations gently onto the candle. They make very elegant gifts when left plain and tied in a pair or bundle with raffia or fancy ribbon.

There are a few things that are important to know before you start.

1) Wick should be about 1 " longer than the candle you wish to make. The first roll of wax around the wick is most important. Small children may need help with this step, since it must be very tight and even. Simply crimp the wax around the wick and pinch evenly until the entire edge is sealed. Roll tightly and evenly and seal the end by smoothing the seam with your thumb.

2) Beeswax is quite pliable when warm or at room temperature. In cold weather, it may be necessary to warm the wax with a hair dryer or by placing it near a heater until workable. Be careful not to melt the wax!

3) If your wax has a dull or frosty appearance, it has developed 'bloom'. Bloom is a natural characteristic of beeswax and is easily removed by warming the surface gently with a hair dryer, restoring the original color.

The following diagrams show how to make several sizes and shapes of candles. Choose a clean, flat surface to work on.


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