One of the decorating details that bring a professional look to any treatment is lots and lots of matching or coordinating pillows. Create your own no sew pillows using inexpensive pillow forms (or even old pillows) to make piles and piles of pillows that will bring a perfect finishing touch to any decorating treatment. Choose from two basic styles that require very little fabric, then add your own special touch such as bows or rosettes, or add trimmings such as tassles or cording.... The possibilities are as unlimited as the imagination!

Materials needed:

View A - One Piece Wrapper

View B - Two Piece Contrast Pillow

  • Underneath piece should be 29 - 4" wider than the width of the pillow form and long enough to wrap around the pillow form, overlapping approximately 2"
  • Top piece should be 4 times the width of the pillow form

Instructions- View A

  1. Center the pillow form on the fabric diagonally. Bring top and bottom corners together and pin.
  2. Bring side comers to the center and insert into Mini Magic from the top, pull "tails" back underneath the same side and pin to itself (being careful to hide the pin inside folds of the fabric). Turn exposed raw edges under and tuck any excess fabric into corners, then arrange fabric to form soft folds radiating from Mini Magic center to the outside edge of the pillow.
  3. You are now ready to use a separate piece of fabric or wide ribbon to create your accent design. Use the instructions included with Mini Magic to create a ribbon bow, or if you have at least 10" of fabric after inserting Mini Magic you can create a bow or rosette (see instructions for View B).

Instructions- View B

  1. Center the pillow form on the wrong side of the underneath piece of fabric.
  2. Turn raw edges back, then wrap the pillow form overlapping and pinning at the center of the pillow.
  3. Now take the top piece of fabric and prepare for insertion of Mini Magic #1 by gathering across the width of the fabric.
  4. Insert each end of fabric through holes in Mini Magic and pull down tightly so that Mini Magic is in the center of the piece of fabric.
  5. Place pillow form onto wrong side of top piece of fabric with the Mini Magic in the center of the pillow, then wrap fabric across the back of the pillow and bring around to the front. Turn any exposed raw edges under, and be sure to cover the corners well by spreading the top fabric just over the edge of each corner.
  6. Now create the front of the pillow by inserting Mini Magic #2, bringing fabric from underneath and pulling taut while keeping Mini Magic in the center of the pillow.
  7. Loop fabric back into Mini Magic, bringing "tails" to opposite sides of the Mini Magic. Spread fabric into loops to create a bow.
  8. Finish by using "tails" to cover center of Mini Magic by bringing across and tucking into the opposite side. If necessary, pin together at the back of the Mini Magic or directly to the pillow to help hold in place.

Depending on the fabric weight and how much fabric you have to work with, you can choose to create any basic single or double-hole design instead of the simple bow shown above. Instructions for rosettes, twisted roses, and flounces are given in the Style A Design Ring packages and the Duitall Idea Book.

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