Use this great little santa for a pin, ornament, or package decoration.

Material list:


    If face is unpainted, base coat with medium flesh, with marker or paint, paint eyes on with black paint eyebrows with white, using a tooth pick, highlight pupil with a small white dot. Let dry. Antique with stain, wipe to desired color, let dry. Spray with matte spray. Let dry.
    Cut hat 1 " by 3" from fabric or ribbon fold and glue - As in fig. 1. - Set aside
    Cut jute into 10 pieces 4" long. Untwist the 4 ply, separate the plys and glue middle to face fig. 2. At eye level, continue around face to other eye. Run a line of glue over where jute is glued and fold beard back down fig. 3.
    Glue hat onto head, decorate with buttons and fabric bow. Glue Christmas pine sprig on left side and dried stems and cinnamon stick on right.
    Glue pin, magnet, or hanger to back.

Project Courtesy of

C.R.G. Originals

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