The following Craft Statistics are taken from two separate studies conducted for HIA (Hobby Industry Association) by independent marketing groups who had no vested interest in the outcome.

HIA’s 1996 Nationwide Craft/Hobby Consumer Study was conducted by Market Facts. The study breaks down information on craft participation in US households over time, and explores behaviors and attitudes surrounding participants involvement or lack of involvement, and motivating factors which drive respondents to participate.

HIA’s 1994/5 Size of Industry Study conducted by Fitch, Inc., provides an update to the benchmark size of industry study conducted in 1991 and its follow-up in 1993. The study is well known as the most reliable size of industry measure in the financial and trade press.

  • In over 4 out of 5 US households, one or more people participate in crafts/hobbies.

  • The most popular crafting activity is cross-stitching/embroidery, with 48% of crafters participating.

  • Crafters stated that 77% of their completed projects are used for gifts.

  • Consumers spend the greatest amount of money ($2.83 billion) on sewing, followed by general crafts ($2.37 billion).

  • Crafts which are most likely to involve several family members are art/drawing (29%), home decor (28%), rubber stamping (27%) and paper cutting/paper crafts (25%).