Craft Tips for the Classroom

Welcome to HIA (Hobby Industry Association) Teacher Talk, a special link developed to assist educators, child care providers, camp counselors, scout leaders and anyone else involved in planning craft activities for children.

 It has long been documented that young children learn most effectively through direct activity and interaction. According to the ERIC Digest, What Should Children Be Learning, funded by The Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) of the US Department of Education,  

"Young children should be interacting with adults, materials and their surroundings in ways which help them make sense of their own experience and environment. They should be investigating and observing aspects of their environment worth learning about, and recording their observations and findings through talk, paintings and drawing. Interaction that arises in the course of such activities provides a context for much social and cognitive learning."

The National Association of Elementary School Principals further states,

"Young children acquire knowledge by manipulating, exploring and experimenting with real objects. They learn almost exclusively by doing and through movement."

The value of crafting does not end as children mature. Adolescents and teenagers also greatly benefit from developing the artistic and practical skills learned through hands-on craft activities. And because crafting encompasses so many different activities, students are able to experience a wide variety of mediums, any of which may lead to lifelong hobbies.

HIA developed Teacher Talk at the request of many educators who search for alternatives to traditional teaching methods. Teacher Talk is filled with a dozen lesson plans that outline the desired objectives, necessary materials and step-by-step instructions for each project, prepared by Bonnie Morris, a highly-respected, award-winning educator currently teaching in the Montville, NJ school system. Most lesson plans can be easily adapted to suit age groups from K - 12 and many can be utilized for special holiday projects.

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Also available through Teacher Talk is a special National Craft Month (NCM) Teacher Information Kit. NCM is a nationwide celebration designed to draw attention to crafts and the benefits devised from craft activities. Celebrated each March, America's best known crafter, Carol Duvall, serves as the NCM spokesperson. The NCM kit details ways in which teachers can introduce National Craft Month to their students. A full color poster is included along with additional project instructions.

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