HIA has compiled a list of helpful hints from the country's top craft professionals which make creating craft projects and cleaning up afterwards much easier.

Gather a bundle of fresh or preserved eucalyptus - five or six pieces, 6" to 12" long - and tie to the shower head to keep the shower smelling fresh and clean. Fresh eucalyptus lasts two - three months; preserved lasts indefinitely.

  • Create a spattering effect with paint by using acrylic paint thinned with water and an old toothbrush. Dip the toothbrush in the paint then draw you finger across the bristles, causing specks of paint to fly to your surface.

  • Save leftover custom-mixed paint by putting it in the corner of a small plastic bag and twisting tightly. When you need paint, prick a pinhole in the bag to squeeze it out.

  • Rest your glue gun on an old tile whether you’re sculpting with hot or low-temp glues to prevent it from sticking to a surface.

  • Pre-wash fabric before you paint, sew or glue onto it to remove the sizing. Sizing, which is found in most fabrics, will prevent craft materials from adhering to the surface properly.

  • Get all of your lace, trims and ribbon organized by wrapping them around the tubes from paper towels or aluminum foil.

  • Use ordinary tweezers for handling and positioning small craft items. Afterwards, use a scouring pad to clean your tweezers and brighten them like new.