Make it happen with Visions !

Material List:

Visions Basic AirPainter
Visions Stick N' Stencil TM Miniature #64172
Visions Opaque AirPoints- Black, Williamsburg Blue, Bisque, Slate Grey, Red Barn Red, Blueberry
Wooden birdhouse
Small household sponge
Ruler and Pencil

General Note:
As you're working, be sure to mask off areas not being painted. Read all directions below before starting.

1. To Create Foundation:

Spray foundation area Slate Grey and let dry. Se(urely apply Miniature Stone Sten(il to area. Dab a pre-moistened sponge with Blueberry and lightly apply to foundation. Repeat with Red Barn Red to complete stone effect. Let dry and remove sten(il. (ontinue on all sides to (omplete foundation.


2. To Create Walls:

Mask off foundation, and spray walls with Bisque. Measure and mark off for wall siding at 1/2' intervals, stopping at top of foundation. Tape paper masking at first board mark (the Bridge Support supplied with the stencil package works nicely as tape). Spray lightly with Williamsburg Blue, barely overlapping the paper. Let dry. Lift masking and line up at se(ond board mark. Repeat spray and masking procedure until all walls are completed.

3. To Create Roof:

Spray roof with Black, and let dry. Attach Miniature Shingle Stencil to lower edge of roof. Spray bottom 1/3 of shingles with Williamsburg Blue and let dry. Lift sten(ii and reposition for next row, placing shingle splits in a different position, slightly overlapping first row. Repeat spray procedure until entire roof is shingled.

4. To Create Chimney:

Spray entire chimney area with Slate Grey and let dry. Attach Miniature Brick Stencil, and spray with Red Barn Red. Let dry and remove stencil.

5. To Create Optional Details:

1. Use Miniature Stencil Squares to create window panes.

2. Other details, such as the decorative border and Welcome lettering, can be created using the Miniature Stencil. Or create your own details, like greenery, using freehand te(hniques.

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