# Sym Description #Used
1. U brown 105
2. T tan 92
3. X green 2
4. · red 9
5. black 1


  • Carefully cut two squares past edge threads.
  • To cover top white edge, sew on 1/8" braid.
  • Baste felt onto back, and cut to shape.
  • Pinch & sew felt and braid together at rim.
  • Form braid top-hoop for Charm, Chain or Earring OR GLUE onto a Pin, Barrette, Buckle or Button OR.TO APPLIQUE: whipstitch edge directly onto Hat, Handbag or Clothing with 1/8" ribbon thread or 6 ply, colorfast floss of your choice.
INSTRUCTIONS: Hold Aida Plus with grid front side up.
  • Double over a single 24 inch strand and thread two cut ends
    through eye of needle forming an end lasso thread "tail".
  • *Locate design center.Count over & come up at Start Point(SP)
  • Using the Continental Bead Stitch (See CBS diagram)

A) Bring needle up at 1 (SP),holding end lasso behind.
B) Attach a bead,skip a square at diagonal, as shown.
C) Push needle down at 2 to do slanted bead loop.

  • Pull needle through end lasso and secure stitch tightly
    Repeat ABC; up at 3, add bead, skip a square, down at 4 etc.
  • Gently glide each bead into grid square with fingertip.
  • Do the design from top down. Make sure all stitches go
    in the same direction for lines of beads to lay properly,
    making each row go either left to right or right to left.
  • After first row to repeat slanted bead loop, slip needle beneath
    pre-stitched bead in grid square (See CBS sample stitch 10).
  • Since the Aida Plus, will be trimmed two squares past the
    design do not carry threads across areas that will be cut away.
  • To end beading, weave thread under pre-stitched back areas.
    TIPS: Pick each bead off felt, or wrap your index finger with
    adhesive tape facing out and press onto a few beads.
    Pick off beads by color with needletip as charted stitch by stitch.
  • Mark the chart symbols with colored pencils for easier reading


Project Courtesy of

De La Lott Corp.

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