Create a Dried Flower Wreath
to Welcome Spring

Crafts enable you to express yourself in the decorations you make for your home and the gifts you create for others. One craft that has grown very popular in recent years is a wreath made with dried flowers. According to a recent consumer study conducted by HIA (Hobby Industry Association), 27% of crafting households are involved in wreath making.

Not only does creating a wreath yourself allow you the flexibility of customizing it to fit a particular decor, but it can also save you quite a bit of money. Although they are easy to make yourself, dried flower wreaths and arrangements found at flower shops and craft bazaars are often very costly.

A wreath is a lovely accent to hang on a door, in an entrance way or above a fireplace or bed in your home. This March, during National Craft Month, welcome the warmer weather with a handmade spring dried flower wreath designed by Joyce Bennett of Naturally Floral.


10" wire wreath frame with clamps

100 pieces of green and brown eucalyptus, 8"- 12" long

2 ounces natural gypsophilia, 8" long

1 ounce purple statice sinuata, 6" - 8" long

6 pieces burgundy German statice, 4" long

26 gauge tie wire white craft glue


1. Place the wreath form on a flat surface with the side with the clamps facing down.

2. Sort eucalyptus into ten bunches, each bunch having 8 green pieces and 2 brown pieces of eucalyptus. Sort the gypsophilia into ten bunches and place one bunch on top of each eucalyptus bunch. Sort the purple and yellow statice sinuata into 10 bunches, each bunch having equal amounts of color, and place one bunch on top of each gypsophilia/eucalyptus bunch.

3. Arrange the bunches so the longer pieces of eucalyptus are at the back and sides of the bunch, the gypsophilia is in the center and the statice sinuata is in the front. Arrange each bunch like a small bouquet, moving the gypsophilia round to fill any holes.

4. Attach bunches, one at a time, to the wreath form. Place a bunch over a clamp with stem ends of the bunch about 1" below the clamp. Wrap clamp ends around bunch. See diagram A. To make sure bundles stay in place, use a small piece of tie wire to fasten each bundle to the frame. Wrap the wire around the bundle and wire frame, next to the clamp and twist the ends of wire together. Place all bunches on the wreath frame so that the succeeding bunches overlap the previous ones. Fill open spaces with any unused pieces of eucalyptus. Glue in place.

5. Glue pieces of burgundy German statice throughout the face of the wreath.

6. Optional: add a bow using 3 yards of your choice of 1 1/2" wide ribbon. Make a 4" loop bow with 2 tails. Secure the center of the bow with tie wire. Use tie wire to attach bow to wreath. Wind tails through the wreath.

To keep your wreath looking fresh, hold it in the steam produced by a boiling tea kettle for about 10 seconds. This helps to restore moisture and remove dust. Do this every few months to keep your wreath looking its best. To keep flower colors from fading, don't place your wreath in direct sunlight.

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