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American Traditional stencils:
    Christmas Tree BL-04
    Merry Christmas BL-126
    Or cut your own using the illustration at right.

Other Supplies:

    Notecard, 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
    Light table or other light source
    Embossing stylus
    (or crochet hook, knitting needle, etc.)
    3/16" stencil brushes
    Acrylics, oil sticks, or ink: green, yellow, red
    Glitter and glue (optional)
    Decorative scissors
Christmas Tree Card


  1. Attach Merry Christmas stencil to the top of the front of the card with masking tape (always reduce tackiness by sticking to clothing a few times). Tape off everything but the words "Merry" and "Christmas". Stencil "Merry" with green. Carefully remove stencil and reposition so that "Christmas" appears just below "Merry", and stencil as before.

  2. Center the Christmas Tree stencil below the Merry Christmas design, attach to card and stencil with green and shade with yellow and red. Stencil tree stand with yellow and shade with red. Trunk is stenciled with red and green blended together to make brown. We taped off the holly on the stencil, you might choose to stencil the holly too!

  3. Stencil tiny snowflakes from the Merry Christmas stencil randomly over the front of the card in yellow

  4. Carefully trim the long edge of the front of the card with decorative scissors. Gently brush green along the cut edge.


Project Courtesy of American Traditional Stencils

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